Beauty Bests

A skincare regime is such a personal thing and what works for one person won't necessarily work for someone else, even if you are of  a similar age and skin type. It can take years of experimenting with new products and trying new rituals until you learn what is right for you but what a revelation it is when you get there!

It's only been the last few years that I have felt that I've found what works for me. I'm trying to embrace my ageing and sun damaged skin and am making some effort to prevent any future problems but I have to admit, I am still fairly low maintenance and not always rigorous with it - yes, I sometimes 'forget' to remove my make up at night!

I have asked some of my lovely friends to share their own skincare routines and I love how much they vary - it goes to show that there isn't a 'right' way, just 'your' way. To kick things off, I've started with my own. I'd love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below.

F x


Age: 48

Skin type: Oily

I've been using Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish for about a year now and I love it - you get that proper clean face feeling and for someone with oily skin that is something I love, especially at the end of a long day. I use a regular face cloth instead of the muslin to get a little extra exfoliation. I use a Body Shop make up remover as needed and then swipe Pixi Glow Tonic over - it's the best toner I've tried so far as it hydrates and nourishes the skin and doesn't leave your face feeling tight.

I tend to change the serums I use on a fairly regular basis. I'm using the Clinique Custom Repair at the moment but one of my favourites is the No 7 Protect and Perfect - I really noticed a difference when I started using it and you can usually get them on a 3 for 2 deal at Boots!


In the mornings I like to keep my moisturiser light and as non greasy as possible so again Clinique comes to the rescue with their Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion - it helps to reduce my badly sun-damaged skin too by evening out skin tone.

At night I use a little La Roche Posay Redermic R Anti Wrinkle Cream which is a miracle retinol - I've noticed such a drastic improvement since I started using this. I combine it with a night cream like L'Oreal's Revitalift.


Age: 35

Skin Type: Combination

My skin is prone to hormonal break-outs around my mouth, chin and jaw but is very sensitive so I can't use abrasive acne treatments or anything too harsh. My forehead and cheeks can get dry and tight so I have to be careful to use my moisturisers in the right places.

I have always been very religious about my cleansing routine, I've only recently taken extra care with my moisturising and eye care - it's taken me a while to find products that can keep my skin supple and moisturised without making my spots worse!

In the evening I use La Roche Posay EFFACLAR Micellar Water with cotton pads to remove make up - If I'm wearing liquid eyeliner or waterproof mascara I also use Simple oil-based eye-makeup remover. I cleanse with La Roche-Posay EFFACLAR Clarifying Foaming Gel and luke-warm water.


I put two drops of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery concentrate onto my palm then press into my skin (avoiding around my mouth and chin). Kiehl's Midnight Recovery eye cream is great on bags, dark circles and crow's feet area.

Twice a week I do a mask, alternating Sand & Sky Pink Clay for clarifying and closing pores and Elemis Exotic Cream as an overnight moisturising mask on forehead, cheeks and neck. I remove masks with warm water and a linen or muslin flannel. I use Aesop Control Gel or Glossier Super Pure serum as a topical spot treatment.

In the morning I just give a once over with the La Roche-Posay micellar water on cotton  pads. Then I use La Roche Posay EFFACLAR Mat moisturiser under make up.




Age: 44

Skin type: Sensitive

I have used a Clarisonic facial brush for a few years now which I use usually with an Aesop face wash (Fabulous Face Cleanser). I really recommend, love the gentle exfoliation and I am sure it's minimised my pores. I use the brush head for sensitive skin. I keep it in the shower so use when I'm in there, but am lazy about cleansing in the evenings - or I was lazy, I should say, until my very lovely baby sister gave a me a tub of Eve Lom cleanser for my birthday. Oh my god! It's gorgeous - totally worth the hype (and expense)!


After cleansing I use Aesop Lucent Facial Concentrate (a serum) and at night I follow it with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - it's an oil and I love it, I've used for years and have never been tempted to try anything else.

For daytime I have usually used either a Kiehl's or an Aesop moisturiser depending on the season/SPF needs, etc but recently have started using the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil - it's great, not at all greasy as you might expect and I add three drops to the serum and apply them together so I can add more or less depending on the time of year.

Whilst I am in no way a beauty expert (or even an enthusiast) I think I've got it right for me, for now at least. These products aren't cheap, but they are all extremely long lasting and as long as they don't all run out at the same time then it's manageable. I am very low maintenance beauty wise in general so I don't feel guilty about spending on myself in this way every now and then. I tend to take advantage of offers from Space NK or Liberty if I need to replace anything. One day I might feel like enough of a grown up to care about eye cream!


Age: 39

Skin type: Normal/oily

Problems: Prone to spots living that teenager lifestyle since I was 14.

Skin tone: Depends on vacations but Asian skin tone - more medium tea strength. 

For the last three years or so I have been following this routine. I start by removing all make up at night. As my make up’s layered I use an oil free remover first - normally Rimmel because it’s so quick with the old eye liner removal.

I stopped using pre-cleanse and moisturisers and replaced them with coconut oil.


So after the quick clean with the make up remover I pre-cleanse with coconut oil - it removes any excess make up. Then I wash my face with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. Then I use the coconut oil again to moisturise.

It’s brilliant as a base for make up too, I don’t like too much of a matte finish so it helps blend my make up perfectly! I use coconut oil as my body moisturiser too! I get through tonnes of it!

Every now and then I’ll go back to my eye cream but not often, I just don’t feel the need for it.


Age: 30

Skin type: Comination/oily, prone to breakouts

As I’ve just turned thirty I’ve added a few bits to help with the early stages of ageing. I use Aesop facial cleanser or Lush Ultrabland for cleansing and removing the day, followed by Pixi Glow Tonic as an acid or the Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% as a treatment once a week. I’m currently using The Ordinary Buffet serum which is working a treat, (or have used Vichy Aqualia Thermal before too) followed by Aesop Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream (which was a very nice birthday treat!).


When it comes to masks, I use Lush Rosy Cheeks for making the skin look hydrated and plumped twice a week and Aesop’s Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Mask once a week. I make sure I drink lots of water and go for lots of walks to get the skin glowing! 


Age: 45

Skin type: Dehydrated

In the morning I cleanse with Aesop Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser before applying Hyaluronic Acid - La Roche Posay - Hydraphase. I moisturise with Aesop - Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream and use La Roche Posay - Anthelios SP50+ BB Cream as a sunscreen.


In the evening I cleanse with La Roche Posay Toleriane Milk Make-up Remover, followed by Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant. Three times a week I'll exfoliate with The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% and a few times a week I use a retinoid (when not using lactic acid) - I love the Ordinary's Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion. My favourite hydrating oil currently is also by The Ordinary - 100% Plant Derived Squalane.


Age: 28 

Skin type: Normal but with redness

In the morning I like to use Body Shop's Camomile cleanser followed by Lactic Acid and Marine Hyaluronics by The Ordinary. I then moisturise with Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream or Nivea Essentials Moisture + Primer.  

  260755-1.png UK200008776_CAUDALIE.jpg 10231426.jpg  


In the evening I use the Body Shop Camomile cleanser again and then The Ordinary Gycolic Acid Solution. At the moment I'm using the Caudalie Divine Oil - I just put a few drops into my palm, rub my hands together and put it all over my face - it smells amazing!

As an eye cream I use Botanics All Bright Gel or Superdrug Vitamin E Cream.

I like to keep it very affordable. Using acids has changed my skin - no more hormonal blemishes!



Age: 36

Skin type: Dry

Cleanse with Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil, moisturise with Neal's Yard Rose and Frankincense Nourishing Cream. Occasionally Decleor Arromescence at night.




Age: 40

Skin type: Combination

Non foaming gel cleanser, hyaluronic acid and retinol from The Ordinary. La Roche Posay SPF 50 every day as my moisturiser.



Age: 27

Skin type: Dry with deep pores

Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleanser; Malin + Goetz Recovery Oil; Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Vit C + Serum and Cream by Algenist; Rodial Snake Eye.