Book Club 22 - Queenie by Candice Clarty-Williams

This month's book is 'Queenie' by Candice Clarty-Williams - a modern day tale of love, loss, fragility and prejudice.

There will be a new book every six weeks and once the review date has come around, please join in the discussion and leave your comments below or over on my Instagram ( - the more the merrier!

See you back here on July 28th.



"Caught between the Jamaican British family who don’t seem to understand her, a job that’s not all it promised and a man she just can’t get over, Queenie’s life seems to be steadily spiralling out of control. Desperately trying to navigate her way through a hot mess of shifting cultures and toxic relationships and emerge with a shred of dignity, her missteps and misadventures will provoke howls of laughter and tears of pity – frequently on the same page.

Tackling issues as diverse as mental health, race, class and consent with a light yet sure touch, Queenie is refreshingly candid, delightfully compassionate and bracingly real"

(Source: Waterstones)