Put a spring in your step: colourful trainers

I don't know about you but I've been living in trainers lately and although you can't go wrong with a plain, neutral colour, the change in the weather has got me yearning for a bit of brightness and colour. 

Take a look at the selection below if you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something a bit different.

I bought these Gola trainers a couple of years ago and have worn them to death. They're a great shape and have just the right amount of colour if you're unsure about some of the more garish ones!

I love these colours too - really nice for spring.
Also from Anthropologie are these gorgeous suede Vejas. Beautiful pastel shades that would look good with a printed summer dress or pale denim jeans.
I love this take on the classic tennis shoe by Reiss. Beautiful, soft leather with just a dash of bright colours.
Not for the faint-hearted maybe but these New Balance trainers are right up my street. For someone who sticks to black and grey in my clothes, I can afford to go a bit OTT on the footwear! Plus New Balance trainers are so comfy and hard wearing.
I love the pink version of these Veja trainers. I have the red ones but these are perfect to wear with a floral dress or white jeans.
In a similar vein, these H&M trainers have just a nod to colour. I love the designer look of these.
These are also from H&M and are great if you want something a bit chunkier.
Monki always have a small but good selection of trainers - good prices too! These mint sneakers also come in beige and grey.
And last but not least, the ultimate pair of spring high-tops are these beauties from Diadora. Gorgeous soft leather and I love the touch of lemon yellow on the sole.
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