What’s for Dinner? Salmon & Rocket Pasta

It’s a common refrain in our house, usually met with “wait and see” because I haven’t got a clue until I open up the fridge and see what hasn’t gone past its sell by date!

So, tonight I’m making this and just in case you needed some inspiration, I thought I’d share it with you.


1 tsp oil

2 fresh salmon fillets

200g tagliatelle

100g bag of rocket

2 tbsp creme fraiche

zest of half a lemon



Heat oil in a non-stick pan and cook the salmon, skin-side down, for 5 mins. Turn over and continue to cook for 4 mins more until the salmon is cooked through. Remove from pan, leave to cool, then flake the fish into large chunks, discarding skin.

Cook tagliatelle according to pack instructions. Scoop out half a cup of cooking water, then drain and return to the pan. Toss in the salmon and remaining ingredients, loosening with cooking water, if the mixture is too thick. Serve immediately.

[Source: BBC Good Food]