The Lie In - Issue 17

a round up of the good stuff


I had so many great suggestions for this Kitchen Disco playlist so it's a little eclectic, to say the least. From Donna Summer to Dizzee Rascal; Sister Sledge to Shakira. Enjoy!





Marian Keyes is one of those authors who is a natural story-teller, drawing together relatable characters into tales of family, love, loss and life's struggles. Grown Ups is her latest release and it tells of the Casey family, revealing that the perfect family life often has a much darker side hidden away.



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Earlier this week I put together some of my favourite at home work outs. I'm trying to do at least three a week at the moment alongside my daily dog walks. Once the weather picks up a bit, some of these work outs are great to do outside if you have a flat area like a patio or decking.


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@todaywecooked is such a great Instagram account for food inspiration. Claire is so inventive in the way she cooks for her family and always manages to make the healthiest of meals look delicious.


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I love the idea of actually making gifts for loved ones but of course once it gets to Christmas, I never have enough time to do anything other than a quick dash around the shops. These kits by Cotton Clara are such a good way to be creative throughout the year and if you can resist keeping them for yourself, they make lovely presents.


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This episode of Desert Island Discs is proof, once and for all, that Daniel Radcliffe is officially the nicest person in the world! Apart from being humble and self-effacing, he has great taste in music!


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My friend, Jess's simple, fuss-free recipe for no knead bread. This loaf takes a long time to prove so as long as you plan ahead you'll be guaranteed a delicious reward. Just make sure you've got plenty of salty butter to go with it!


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