Tilly Sveaas Jewellery

“Tilly Sveaas is the living embodiment of her brand – a laidback, sun-loving beach bunny – part rock chick, part health fanatic, with a penchant for foreign travel and an Aperol Spritz”

I discovered Tilly Sveaas's gorgeous jewellery a few months ago on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her cool designs. She is the queen of layering, mixing gold and silver and adding an edge to the jewellery world.

Tilly very kindly sent me one of the charm necklaces and I can vouch for the fact that her pieces are just as lovely in the flesh - it's the perfect length, light and easy to wear (even when exercising) and I haven't taken it off since it arrived!


    Charm Necklace 8

Charm Necklace 8



I'm always interested to find out the story behind small brands and with the launch of her new T-Bar Collection, I thought it would be a good time to ask Tilly a few questions about life as jewellery designer.


FM:  Tell me a bit about yourself.

TS:  I'm the eldest of four daughters, born to a Norwegian father and English mother. My sisters are my besties and I'm proud to be part of such a strong and loving sisterhood. I'm addicted to denim, my miniature dachshund, Mitty and my hot hubby Olly.


FM:  What are your influences and inspiration?

TS: Travelling and working abroad have definitely inspired the collection. A recurring symbolism is pivotal to the  pieces - delicate, resilient wings in silver and gold symbolise guardian angels keeping a watchful eye over the wearer; compasses signify an adventurous soul – a spirited wanderer on the search for fulfilment, while arrows suggest direction, forward movement, positivity and action.


FM:  Which is your current favourite piece in the collection and why? 

TS:  The Curb Chain Bracelet. There's just no messing with this! It can be timeless and classic or it can be rock n roll and edgy. It embodies off duty luxury with a sophisti-grunge vibe!




FM:  Tell me about your newest pieces and the inspiration behind the design.

TS:  Our T-Bar Collection which has just launched - super excited! The idea behind it was to deconstruct the well known clasp style. Both the t-bar and the ring work so well in different scales and on different styles of chain. 


  Tilly-sveaas-jewellery-thin-belcher-small-Tbar-gold-Necklace copy.jpg
Tilly-sveaas-jewellery-trace-small-circle-gold-Necklace copy.jpg
Tilly-sveaas-jewellery-trace-small-Tbar-gold-Necklace copy.jpg


FM:  How do you imagine a Tilly Sveaas customer? What kind of person is she?

TS:  Fun loving, takes life with a pinch of salt, laughs at themselves, gives a vague shit. Tries to be good, takes a bit of exercise, probably cancels it all out with too much wine. Loves friends and family.


FM:  What plans do you have for the company in the future? 

TS:  I would love it to be everyone's go-to jewellery brand for every day pieces that will last forever.


FM:  Have you had any famous customers?

TS:  Yes but that would be telling...


You can view the full Tilly Sveaas collection here