What I'm Packing for my Holiday

I'm not sure why packing for a holiday is so stressful - I know it's a lovely problem to have but that doesn't take away the fact that I feel the pressure! Sure, as the kids get older things get easier - it doesn't matter if you've forgotten an ear thermometer, wet wipes and organic, sugar free snacks - but I still have that nagging feeling that I've forgotten something important, that I've overlooked a crucial charger or adaptor or (god help me) the Imodium.

So, in a quest to make things a little easier for you when it's your turn to pack up for your holidays, I thought I'd put together a little list of some of the things I'm taking with me.

Happy holidays - wherever you're off to and if you don't have any plans this year I hope you've got a few treats lined up over the summer.

F x


This dry oil spray by Avon is an amazing mosquito repellent. We used it for the first time last year in Greece and it really worked - what's even better is that it smells nice and doesn't feel all sticky on your skin. It's dead cheap too.



I've been thinking of getting a clothes steamer for a while now - they seem to feature heavily on a lot of fashion blogs - so I thought a travel one would be a good investment for my holidays. This one arrived yesterday and I had a little practice session with it. It is amazing! Quick and easy to use and I know it will definitely be added to my 'why didn't I buy this before?' list! 




My friend inspired me to buy these packing cubes and I'm hoping they will revolutionise my suitcase experience - along with my 'don't iron and don't fold (roll instead)' ethos! The reviews promise great things so I'm hopeful I may have at last reached peak 'Monica' on the packing front. 



I have searched high and low for the perfect carry-on bag for flying and I still haven't found it but this will do in the meantime. It's from ASOS and is cheap, roomy and practical with a short and a long handle - you need a cross body option for travelling. Not enough pockets in my opinion but I can happily chuck my Macbook, Kindle and a jacket in there and still have room for my signature 'hair clip/one piece of Extra chewing gum/old tissue/WH Smith receipt' combination at the bottom.



I've reached that age where I don't really care what people think of me anymore and I definitely believe in practicality over image these days, so I will be wearing a bum bag at the airport on Monday. It makes perfect sense! No more rummaging around in my bag for passports and boarding cards - I'll have them in my designated pouch at all times, ready to whip out and distribute when needed. You may snigger but deep down you know I'm right!


I love this sun protection by Eucerin and haven't used anything different on my face for a couple of years now. It's light and matt and doesn't give you that horrible greasy feeling that so many suncreams do. Another plus is that it comes in a small enough bottle to pop in your handbag and it lasts ages!

   H&M Shorts
H&M Shorts Violet + Percy Basket
Violet + Percy Basket Zara Vest
Zara Vest Violet + Percy Cuff
Violet + Percy Cuff Primark Bandana
Primark Bandana Warehouse Sandals
Warehouse Sandals  


On a summer holiday I wear little other than sundresses - maxi and mini - maybe with the odd playsuit thrown in for a bit of variation but as this holiday is going to involve (light) activity, I thought it was about time I invested in a pair of shorts. I love these from H&M. They're the softest cotton - light and easy to wear and the print is just gorgeous. 


P.S. The gorgeous lady in the thumbnail is my lovely grandma, Mary x